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Teaching and Program Coordination

Nassau Community College
2007: Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award

St. Johns University, Utopia Parkway, Queens, New York ,            2014 - 2017                                                                                  The Creative Process, Honor's course overview of the creative process in art, music, theater, dance, technology and media arts.                    Color Theory                                                                                Two- Dimensional Design                                                      Foundation courses                                                                  Creative Expression, for Fine Art and non art majors,

Muthesius Academy, Fachhochschule fur Kunst> und Gestaltung,
Kiel, Germany
tummy talk’ in in the 21st Century
- Academy level, Sculpture and installation course designed for
graduate and under-graduate students utilizing personal history,
memories as content for their work

Temple University, Tyler School of Art ,
Rome, Italy

Sculpture Department and the
Visiting Artist Lecture Series Coordinator
- Responsibilities consisted of maintaining studio facilities, ordering
materials, coordinating traveling student shows, and a by weekly
artist forum/lecture Series.
- Seminars and student critiques with
American Academy Fellows were integrated into the sculpture
department’s curriculum.
- Traditional Stone carving - students were taught how to carve
stone using hand tools, and pneumatics
- All students completed sculptures, which were exhibited
in Rome, and Eboli , Italy, and in a traveling exhibition
- Student trips to the quarries of Carrara, and the professional stone
studios of Pietrasanta were integrated into the course by Jerelyn Hanrahan

Advanced Sculpture and Installation
- Students read weekly assignments on contemporary art
- Weekly writings, in response to reading assignments, required
- Students taught how to articulate thoughts, approaches and concepts in art.
- Monthly presentations required of each student. Presentations focused on verbal-articulation, slide and video presentations, studio critiques, the refinement of written responses, and the use of critical thought.

Long Island University

1998 –2016: C.W. Post Campus, Brookville, and Brooklyn campus, New York

Digital Design                                                                        Graduate Level course in digital design, computer graphics, Media Arts Department, Brooklyn, New York

Exhibition Coordinator
Coordinator of weekly Undergraduate, Masters of Art, and MFA
Coordinator of technological aids used in lectures.
Responsible for coordinating three exhibition
spaces featuring fine arts,
photography, and graphic design works.

Coordinated visiting artist lecture series for Fine Arts Foundation and MFA Graduate Program.

MFA Graduate Seminar
Coordinated curriculum-preparing students for a professional career in the arts, with a concentration on written responses and verbal articulation involving contemporary art issues.

-Visual documentation, catalog preparation - using printing
methods, Photo shop software, and graphic design techniques.

-Students completed the seminar by compiling their works in a
verbal and digital presentation – and presenting it in front of a live
public audience.

3D Foundation
Students explored the basic principles of
3D Design: These include..
- positive and negative space
- mass
- volume
- depth
- kinetics
- conceptual philosophy
- historical, contextual, and contemporary approaches to art
A series of bi weekly slide lectures presenting Contemporary Art
-supported by visiting artist presentations, museum trips,
videos, film’s, related reading assignments, and written responses.

History of Contemporary Art

Weekly lecture series focusing on 20th Century art practice ranging from 1860 to contemporary art practice. Course includes,lectures,films, visiting artists,and studio visits.

Introduction to the Arts
A historical assessment of American and European art.
The course assists students in identifying the aesthetics of art

Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York 

1999 - 2017

Sculpture 1
- Designing and constructing sculptures in a variety of materials.
- Students develop knowledge of 3D vocabulary and gain the
skills necessary when approaching and planning a sculpture.
- Class involves lectures, planning and building of sculpture,
individual and group critiques, gallery/museum visits.
- All portions of the class grant students full comprehension
of the role of the artist and the creative process.

Drawing 1
- Traditional approaches to drawing
- Exploration of line, contour, gesture, composition, gradation, scale and proportion.

2D Design
- Principles of two dimensional design, composition, positive and
negative shape, balance, symmetry, asymmetry, color theory, and
text integration

3D Design
- Projects educe a full understanding of 3D design
- Assignments incorporate a broad spectrum of approaches, from classical to multi – media projects
- Slide lectures and reading assignments support each genre and required project.

New York Institute of Technology
Columbus Circle, New York
, & Old Westbury campus, NewYork

Introduction To The Arts
- Lecture Series ranging from Pre-Historic to
Contemporary Art

2D Design
- Principles in composition, gradation, color theory, text integration
and graphic design
- Historical and contemporary references presented in context

3D Design
- Studio course introduces a series of design experiments which
incorporate the physical dynamics of proportion, balance, scale,
mass, volume, and the interactive properties of positive and
negative space
- Students investigate these principles through a series of slide
lectures and studio projects involving wood, clay, casting, kinetic
and conceptual art

Drawing 1 and 2
- Introduction and weekly practice of skills required for 2D
representational drawing. Scale, proportion, gesture, contour,
shading, perspective and depth are taught through landscape,
figurative, and portraiture drawing
- Students are required to maintain an active sketchbook
with daily entries


National Arts Club, New York, 

ATOA: Curators and Artists

Panel presentation and discussion by artists who curate exhibitions: 

Panelists: Bill Carroll, The Elizabeth Foundation, 

Jerelyn Hanrahan Former President of the Sculptors Guild of New York, Jennie Lamensdorf, Times Equities iNC, Art - In - Buildings, Dexter Wimberely, Former ICI Director

Jacop Javits Center
Process to Product, New York,New York

PS 122, New York, New York
Point of View, Jerelyn Hanrahan presented her documentary video of
two artists she met while exhibiting her works in Havana, Cuba.
The video consisted of interviews with the artists and a digital
representation of their photography and animations.

Muthesius Academy Freie Kunst
, Kiel, Germany,
Visiting Artist lecture

Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood , Brookville, New York
Host and guest artist panel presentation of 6 artists addressing a variety of approaches to third dimension sculpture. Artistic approaches ranged from traditional figurative casting, multi media installation, Maya software, digital carving, and earthworks.

Long Island University, Brookville, New York
Stephan Wolpe: Three Languages, One Place
Guest panel speaker presenting the DADA art movement and its influence
on the compositions of Stephan Wolpe.

SIGGRAPH, New York Institute of Technology, Columbus Circle, New York
Host and guest artist
Digi-girls, multi- media presentations

School of Visual Arts, East 23 Street, Amphitheater, New York, N.Y.
Masters DVD projection, Virtual Home, 12 documentary videos

Islip Art Museum, From Here to Lake Erie, Artist Lecture,
East Islip, New York

Long Island University, C.W. Post
Installation Art/Three Perspectives

Thundergulch, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Gesture As Value project, artist lecture and website project
New York Information and Technology building, Broad Street

Temple University, Process Through a Body of Work, Rome, Italy


2017                                                                                              Slow Dazzle, Poems and Prose for 25 artists by Max Blagg

2016                                                                                        National Arts Club of New York                                                ATOA PANEL PRESENTATIONS: ARTISTS AND CURATORS.          Panelists :                                                                                      Bill Carroll, Director : Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts                Jerelyn Hanrahan: artist and Former President of the Sculptors Guild  Jennie Lamensdorf, curator Time Equities Inc, Art- In - Buildings   Dextor Wimberely, Independant Curator, Former ICI Director

2013                                                                                       WCWP, Public Radio, Artist Interview with Jerelyn Hanrahan

Arts Observer
Jim Kempner's Bling Exhibit Statement Pearls
Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot
Graduated Pearls Project Will Amaze Visitors at 28th Oyster Festival

Master Artist Series, Public Access radio interview 

Newsday, Pearl Sculpture a Gem for Oyster Bay, October 9.2011,

Written by Paul Larocco
Pulse Magazine

Inside Out;Local artists adorning public spaces with outdoor sculpture
Article on contemporary sculptors, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Brian Hunt, Donald Lipski
Written by Aileen Jacobsen
Newsday, Pearly Sites,Our towns
Public Access Television Interview,Master Artist Series Artist: Jerelyn Hanrahan
Oyster Bay Guardian, Keep Our Pearls in Oyster Bay, David Criblez
Enterprise Pilot, Public Sculpture launch for Theodore Roosevelt Park by
artist Jerelyn Hanrahan.Written by Dagmar Karpi
Pearl Project nearly completed, Oyster Bay Guardian, David Criblez

Pulse Magazine,Fifth Annual,VIP Artist List, Nada Marjanovich
NY Arts, Beijing,Works on paper, Written by Brandon Krall
Adelphi University Art Museum,
Adelphi Sculpture Biennial publication
Ray Johnson,A book about Death
, Written by Joan Harrison

New York Times
, Outdoor Sculpture With an Air of Familiarity, October 08, Arts and Entertainment
Flavorwire, Helvetic Constellation: A Survey of the Swiss Art Scene, by Marlyne Sahakian

NY Arts
, Beyond the Shore,November Issue.Reviewed by Max Blagg

Gallery HD, Cablevision, In-Site / Governors Island, Sculptors Guild in
collaboration of Governors Island Educational and Preservation
Corporation, curatorial interview, exhibition coverage
Channel 13, In-Site, Sculptors Guild on Governors Island
Channel 25, Its My Park, In-Site, curatorial interview,
exhibition coverage
Time Out Magazine, In-Site, May, June Issue, 2008
Brooklyn Rail, In-Site written by James Kahm, July 2008
The New York Sun, Arts and Letters, A New Arts Scene on Governors
Island, In-Site exhibition, May 2008
MOMA, PS1, Art and Technology Radio Broadcast
Brooklyn Rail, Blather from Brooklyn, James Kalm

Sculpture Magazine, Curatorial Interview,
Archival to Contemporary / Six Decades of the Sculptors Guild,
September 2006
Channel 21, Curatorial Interview, Archival to Contemporary,
Oyster Bay Guardian, Dark Angel, Adelphi Biennial,
Garden City, New York
Oyster Bay Guardian, Archival to Contemporary,
coverage on public sculpture, Angelbaby, Oyster Bay, New York
Pilot Enterprise, Cove resident Jerelyn Hanrahan curates the show,
Archival to Contemporary, Sculptors Guild, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Television Habana, Cuba, Artist interview,
VII International Digital Colloquium, Havana, Cuba

WPS1, Art Talk, Radio station, artist interviews
PS1 Museum of Contemporary Art, L.I.C., N.Y.
Edition #11: DigiGirls , First broadcast May 31, 2005
Daniel Durning interviews six members of The Digi Girls, a
collective of professional artists, curators, animators and
filmmakers. The group ponders the conundrum of digital art
and talks about their work, careers, and the transition from
traditional materials to computer based technologies.

WPS1, Art Talk Radio, Art and Technology Series
PS1, Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Island City, N.Y.
Edition #5: Grahame Weinbren and Jerelyn Hanrahan - |
Daniel Durning interviews filmmaking pioneer Grahame
Weinbren and installation artist Jerelyn Hanrahan on the
subject of interactive storytelling and sculpture.
Sweet Dreams, Author Johanna Drucker,
Gesture As Value Project, Professor of Media Studies,
University of Virginia, VA

Sculpture Magazine, Commissions, July, August 1999
Multi-Media, April, Techno de Medici, Kathy Brew, June 1999

BBC, Broadcast artist interview,Gesture As Value

NPR, National Public Radio, Artist Broadcast Interview with
Margo Adler
Time Out Magazine, Fruitless Gesture, April Issue, New York
Village Voice, Machine Age, Austin Brown, Gesture As Value,
May Issue, N.Y.
The Resident, Money Talks, May Issue, New York
Adbusters, Gesture As Value, April Issue, Toronto, Canada
Tages Anzeiger, Notations, exhibition review / book
Publication , Zurich, Switzerland
FYI, New York Foundation for the Arts Quarterly publication,
Winter /Fall
Dayton Daily News, ATM'S Show Variety, Gesture As Value,
July, Ohio

Financial Post, Art and the ATM, Toronto, Canada
Cross Canada, National Public Radio, Bank of Symbiosis,
Toronto, Canada
Adbusters, Bank of Symbiosis, Toronto, Canada
TelliBern, Television, artist interview, Gesture As Value,
Kunst Bulletin, Gesture As Value im Kiosk,
April Issue, Switzerland
neue bildende kunst, Kiosk fur Kunst, May Issue, Switzerland
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Bern, Switzerland
Kultur, Bitte Karte hineinstecken, April, Bern, Switzerland
Arts Calender, BACA Publication, January, New York
Notations On A Trek, Publication of 97 drawings,
Jerelyn Hanrahan, Drawings, Text, Max Blagg,
Edition Andreas Zust,Scalo Books

1996 Concise Encyclopedia of Woman Artists, Creative Time Inc

1995 Spiegal, Specchio, Mirror, Artist Edition, Rome, Italy

1994 Secondo Piano, Publication Istituto Svizzero, Rome, Italy
Mostri Colletivi, Alta Semina,Commune Di Roma,Rome, Italy


2002 School of Visual Arts, New York, New York,
M.F.A. in Computer Arts

1978 University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
B.A.Fine Arts

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